Jake for GST

Brothers and Sisters, my name is Jake Lemonda and I’m asking for your support to be the next IAFF General Secretary-Treasurer.

As firefighters and paramedics, we all depend on our union to protect us and our families, on and off the job.

To be effective, our union must be honest, ethical and trust worthy. But as of this moment, the FBI, Department of Labor and IRS are investigating our union.

Serious concerns regarding financial mismanagement in our union are being investigated because of some of the people now asking for your vote to help run the IAFF. Our members deserve better. We know now that the IAFF must have ethical reform from top to bottom and the position of Secretary-Treasurer is a critical part of this effort.

The next Secretary-Treasurer must be an outsider with a history of ethical financial management experience, not an insider who created the very problems we now face.

As a 34-year veteran of the FDNY, I have the experience and skill to be part of reforming and rebuilding our union. As the president of Local 854, I manage a $200-million-dollar annuity program and help oversee the FDNY’s $14 billion pension fund. I am a proven and careful financial steward with many years of experience. Brothers and sisters, unity must begin with honesty, integrity and an ethical union for all of us. That’s true unity.

Please join me in reforming and reestablishing trust in our IAFF. I am committed to serving you and all IAFF members as we rebuild.

I’m also asking for your financial support so we can get our message spread across our two great nations. Please consider

contributing to my campaign to help lead us to a stronger and renewed IAFF.

Fraternally and sincerely,
Jake Lemonda