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Jake LemondaHello, I am Jake Lemonda, President of Local- 854, NYC Fire Officer’s Association.

I want to thank Jim, Matt and Joe for your kind words in your endorsement speeches.

I am honored and humbled to accept this nomination.

To the members who I had an opportunity to speak to over the last several months, I want to thank you for your time and giving me the opportunity to hear what I had to say.

To the members who I did not get a chance to speak to, I apologize, I just ran out of time.

This may seem naïve but when I entered this race, I never realized how much ground there was to cover across our two great nations in such a short period of time.

I have had a truly great career, 35 years with the FDNY, and a proud member of the IAFF throughout my 35 years, 12 years on the UFOA Executive Board, and the last 6 as President. With the exception of a few horrific days, I would do it all over again.

I was taught as a young firefighter, “If you see something that is not right, Step up and do something about it”!

That is why I entered the GST race.

Brothers and Sisters, as our 55th Convention draws towards conclusion, we can all agree that the successes of our union are too numerous to list.

However, our House is not in good order!

Over a year ago a dark cloud was cast over our union and that cloud remains whether some are willing to see it or not.

Allegations of fiscal mismanagement, pension and budget implications.

We speak about transparency, the IAFF has spent over 1 million dollars of your money on investigations, but yet the dues paying members have no answers.

Why are there members on the Executive Board opposing the release of the Ethics report?

Is this really true transparency? Is this what our members deserve, where is the accountability?

Brothers and Sisters, I will say it again Our House is not in good order!

We have elected officials who have pensions in the 100’s of thousands of dollars, and yet at the same time we have members making less than $15 dollars an hour. Does this make any sense to anyone?

Brother and sisters I urge each and every one of you to read the independent auditors report. You can find it listed under reports on the convention home page.

The independent auditor issued a “Disclaimer of Opinion”, the shadow of the dark cloud is cast upon us.

For those who don’t know, a Disclaimer of Opinion is considered very harsh in the audit world; it indicates a very adverse image of the company/organization being audited.

Some may think that this we all go away. There are some very serious financial issues that lie ahead.

I ask where are the checks and balances are?

As Local affiliates we must never forget the power of the autonomy of a Local!

Remember one thing, the International does not tell the Locals what to do, we as Locals tell them what to do!

Do not relinquish your power or strength, brothers and sisters.

There are many questions that remain to be answered.

Demand the answers, it is your money!

Demand the answers from those who we elected!

We are supposed to be a democratic organization.

I want to acknowledge my brother Sean Dinegris, who rose to express his opinion to a resolution. He entered the long dark hallway by himself.

What I found disgusting is that a brother rose and ridiculed Sean without being ruled out of order from the chair. Are we not all entitled to our opinion?

There is so much right with our union and at the same time there is so much wrong!

I want to thank each and every member who has supported me and stood by me on this journey.

I want to thank my Executive Board for their support and the Executive Board of L 94 representing NYC firefighters. It is firefighters who are the very backbone of every department.

I stepped up because what I see before me is so wrong!

 I am trying to make a difference………….. Real Transparency!

I have no allegiance to anyone other than the members, I will work for you!

I never crawled down a hallway with Vinny Bollon, but our careers did cross paths. There are some who used his name in vain and tried to hide behind him, shame on them!

I can’t help to think that Vinny is up there smiling down on me saying……Hang in there kid!

If you think we need to “Take Back Your Union” and you want to right what is so wrong, then

I would be honored to have your vote.

Thank you

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